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Scientific journal «ARTS ACADEMY» №1(18-1)2021

26 march 2021
Scientific journal «ARTS ACADEMY» №1(18-1)2021
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Dear reader, we dedicate the first issue of the scientific journal «Arts Academy» in 2021 to our amazing contemporary –and a world-famous ballerina, Rector of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography Altynai Abduakhimovna Asylmuratova, who celebrates her anniversary this year!

Those of us who had fortunate to personally know Altynai Asylmuratova, to see on stage as a Ballerina-Perfection, to adopt experience as a talented teacher-mentor, to work with an amazing endurance and foresight top manager, they will say that the power of the charm of this infinitely modest and talented person leaves such a mark that once you meet, you will forever adopt her basic life values: you become more demanding on the level of your professionalism, and kinder, more attentive, more loving to people ...

This special issue contains articles of the authors who are familiar with Altynai Abduakhimovna. And each author has a vision of «their own» Altynai Asylmuratova. Some authors describe the path of the ballerina with an emphasis on her legendary family, someone writes about the London period of the rise of her world fame, someone was closer about collaboration, and for someone the name of Altynai Abduakhimovna is the key to the success of the Kazakh National Academy Choreography.

We know that a special issue of the scientific journal «Arts Academy» dedicated to A.A. Asylmuratova is not a one-time anniversary action. Dear readers, together with you, we are forming a large project, the purpose of which is to create an interested polylogue about Time, Personality and Ballet. We will be glad if you have a desire to share your memories, reflections, scientific reviews about the multi-vector work of Altynai Abduakhimovna Asylmuratova. We invite you to co-creation!

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